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IP65 10W 20W 30W 50W Ultra Slim Led Flood Light

This Ultra Slim Led Flood Light  is made from ultra-bright highest level Epistar LED chips with proprietary encapsulation technology, realizing excellent luminance, low brightness decline.It is with scientifically-designed heat dissipater with much better cooling effect, great energy-saving effect, save energy by over 80%, lamp surface treated with anodization, corrosion-resistant, artistic appearance and high Lumens, high Color rendering index, stable performance.The Ultra Slim Led Flood Light is perfect for retail stores, wholesale warehouses, grocery chains,court,stadium lighting, malls and auto showrooms.
Our Advantages:  
* 20 Years in Die Casting oulds and Process
* 18 Years in Lighting Fixture
* 8 Years in LED Lighting
* 4 Years in LED Engine

Product characteristic: 
*Slim design, elegant and beautiful
*Solid state driver and LED engine application, no electrolytic capacitor, super long lifetime
*180-300V wide working voltage range
*Wattage is stable when voltage changing in working range
*IP65 waterproof (IP44 with sensor)
*Switch test over 100,000 times
* Idea heat dissipation design.
*By using the most power and  efficient flood light heatsink. the completed LED light can work up to 50000 hours, save up to 80% energy
*Massive fins for efficient cooling technology, rapidly trasfer the heat of the LED chips to the massive fins;
*Tempered glass panel to protect the lighting source, the transparent rate up to 93%; 

Item No. Lamp 
PF Luminous 
CRI Beam 
Body Size Specification
LXFL-0101 10W 100-180V 
>0.95 700lm 3000K-6000K Ra>80 120º 130X92X25MM
LXFL-0201 20W 100-180V 
>0.95 1400lm 3000K-6000K Ra>80 120º 185X130X27MM
LXFL-0301 30W 100-180V 
>0.95 2100lm 3000K-6000K Ra>80 120º 230X166X34.5MM
LXFL-0501 50W 100-180V 
>0.95 3500lm 3000K-6000K Ra>80 120º 270X190X33.5MM
Available color
Application : 
Play Grounds, Front or Back Yards; Advertisement Billboard; Construction Building, Garden, Squares, parks, art venues ,factory, stadiums, golf courses, shops, subway stations, gas stations, buildings, sculptures, green lighting, decorative lighting, toll station, hypermarket, exhibition, center, gym, landscape lighting  etc.